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Your Security
At Equitable Savings & Loan we do everything we can to protect your identity.

What is Site-to-User?

Site-to-User is a security enhancement designed to confirm that you are logging in to our legitimate Web site. You choose a unique image and phrase known only to you and our Internet banking system. Then, each time you log in, you will see your unique image and phrase. If you do not see your image and phrase, do not log in.

How does this increase security?

Site-to-User helps you know you are really on our legitimate Web site. Our bank does all it can to confirm that you are who you claim to be. Site-to-User helps you know that we are your bank. If our site knows that you are who you claim to be and you know that our site is legitimate, we can transact business safely and securely. During phishing and pharming attacks, users are often lured to fake Web sites that look genuine. Such fake sites may ask a visitor to enter private information. Site-to-User helps you know the difference between a fake Web site and a real one.

How will my login process change?

On the first screen you will be asked for your logon name. Then, on the second screen, you will be asked for your password and, once you have chosen an image and phrase, your unique image and phrase will be displayed. The original login process asked for both your logon name and password on the first screen.

Do I have to use Site-to-User?

Yes. If you have questions about this, please contact Equitable Savings at 877-652-6522.

Do I have to do anything special to get Site-to-User?

No. The first time you log in after this feature is activated, you will be asked for your user name and password. After the system recognizes you as a legitimate user, you will then be asked to choose a unique image and phrase. Once you have chosen an image and phrase, you should see that image and phrase every time you log in.

Do I have to choose an image and phrase?

Yes. We require all users to choose an image and phrase.

Can I change my image and phrase?

Yes. Simply choose "Customer Service," from the menu and then select "Change Image."

Can I use my own picture?

No, but there are many images to choose from.

What if the image is not my image when I log in?

Do not log in. If this happens to you, it could be caused by one of the following things: you may have entered an invalid login name, you are on a fraudulent site, or you (or someone with your credentials) changed your image. If this happens, you should try starting the login process over completely. If the wrong image continues to appear, of if there isn’t an image, contact Equitable Savings at 877-652-6522 for help.