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Certificate Accounts

Keep your loan close to home
Unlike national lenders, at Equitable your loan is locally made, locally funded, and locally serviced by an experienced, close-knit team of veteran professional lenders. We offer all kinds of loans tailored to meet your needs.

Certificates of Deposit for Consumers

Lock in your market rate of return for terms of 90 days up to five years. Within that 90-day to five-year span, you can "pick your term" so that your CD matures on the exact date that is best for you. The CD minimum deposit varies with the term and balance.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Many taxpayers are eligible to make tax-deductible contributions to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Taxable income may be reduced by the amount that is contributed, providing a sizeable tax savings while building a secure retirement.

Even if contributions are not deductible, deposits may be made to a Roth IRA. Earnings on these deposits are not taxable as income.

Is your IRA maturing at another bank? Or are you leaving your current employer? Let us help you with a Transfer IRA or Rollover IRA.